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Bitcoin climbs above 41,000 U.S. dollars and hangs out Chinese group Tencent

Bitcoin continues to rise inexorably and is even outstripping the Chinese group Tencent.

On January 8, the US$41,000 mark was also cracked after an interim downturn was countered with renewed gains.

As the data from Cointelegraph Markets, Coin360 and TradingView show, Bitcoin had initially slipped back below 40,000 US dollars, after which the price was able to quickly climb back above the psychologically important hurdle.

Compared to the previous day, it went down by 9%, but this slide lasted only a few hours, because a short time later the market-leading cryptocurrency was able to climb back to its old new record high. Subsequently, the price even went up to a new record high of over 41,000 US dollars.

„Apparently, it currently only goes down briefly to shake off the weak investors,“ as the trader CryptoDog speculates on Twitter.

Bitcoin hangs Tencent and also Tesla for a short while

With today’s surge, Bitcoin has simultaneously surpassed the market capitalization of Chinese major Tencent, with the rise to $41,000 temporarily even trumping major carmaker Tesla.

As data from CoinMarketCap and Companies Market Cap shows, by yesterday, January 7, Bitcoin had already nearly broken into the top five largest publicly traded companies in the world.

By crossing the $40,000 mark, Bitcoin Machine market capitalization had climbed to a new record high of $745 billion. The subsequent retracement then temporarily dragged it down to US$737 billion before it started to rise again.

This allowed the market-leading cryptocurrency to briefly outperform the market cap, but the automaker’s stock in turn gained 7.3%. Tesla was thus able to bounce back to $773 billion, which was enough to outpace the cryptocurrency despite bitcoin’s upswing to $41,000.

Nevertheless, Bitcoin was able to clearly rise above the Chinese conglomerate Tencent, which now has to subordinate itself to the cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of 716 billion US dollars. Some time ago, the Chinese giant was even bigger than Tesla.

As Cointelegraph had reported, Tesla was the strongest financial product ever in 2020. Not only all other cryptocurrencies and stocks, but also Bitcoin managed to outperform the automaker’s security. Tencent stock, on the other hand, is making sluggish progress, which is emblematic of the stock market’s current gains compared to the crypto market.

„There are still companies worth more than #Bitcoin, crazy,“ as Tyler Winklevoss comments on this development with a twinkle in his eye.

Brokerage house will give R$ 2.600 for whoever gets Bitcoin’s price right

Binance, the world’s largest cryptomaniac brokerage house, will give $500 to those who get the price of Bitcoin right on 1/1/2021 at 00:00. The amount converted into reais is R$ 2,597.03 at the current rate.

Who wants to try to win the jackpot just need to make a Crypto Legacy comment in the post that the company made on Facebook and add the comment in a form. That is, you don’t have to do anything else but just kick a number, even if it is „one“.

Kicks can also be made on Instagram or Twitter until 21:00 today (31). If you are good at kicking, leave your comment.

„What will be the price of #Bitcoin at 00:00 AM (UTC) on Jan 1? Give your shot for a chance to win $500 in #BTC. Form closes at 9 PM (UTC) 31/12“.

2020 was an extremely positive year for Bitcoin, the currency appreciated more than 290%, coming out of $7,000 at the beginning of the year and trading above $29,000 today.

Most participants are kicking a price above US$29,000, but there are also some very pessimistic kicks, even someone saying it will fall below US$10,000. Perhaps a troll?

Luxury car dealership turns into bitcoin investor playground

Bitcoin appreciated by more than 300% in 2020, to trade above US$29,000.

A luxury car dealership in Las Vegas reported growth in sales with payment at Bitcoin. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Vegas Auto Gallery has become a playground for wealthy Bitcoin investors.

The dealership sells Ferraris, Lamborghines and other luxury cars of the Aston Martin and Bentleу brands. In recent days alone it has sold two sports Bitcoin News Trader review cars to customers who have paid over $6 million in Bitcoin.

The owner of the dealership revealed that sales with Bitcoin represent 3% to 5% of the company’s revenue.

Payment can be made through the platform BitPaу, which converts the digital currency into dollars at the time of payment. The platform receives a commission for the sales.

Despite constant criticism of Bitcoin as a form of payment, BitPaу serves hundreds of thousands of merchants around the world, offering bitcoin holders many ways to spend digital currency.

According to WSJ, the dealership takes no risk when accepting Bitcoin as payment. The dealership owner said he receives payment for the luxury cars within 24 hours after the customer sends the coins to BitPay.

„It is a very easy transaction,“ he said.

The buyer can also increase the transaction priority to be confirmed on the network as soon as possible, just set the fee, paying more or less according to the hurry.

Several market enthusiasts like to keep the currency waiting for more and more valuation, but who is spending the cryptomime can be easily understood as this year Bitcoin appreciated by more than 300% to trade above US$29,000.

People who bought the digital currency recently may not want to spend the asset, after all, why spend something that can potentially appreciate in the future?

Current buyers, therefore, are people who invested in Bitcoin longer ago and are now enjoying the profits.

Their logic is simple, „If I bought Bitcoin for $1,000 and today it’s $29,000, I can think of this as a nice way to diversify. The adoption of currency as a form of payment should also come from the people who own the cryptomime.

There aren’t many big companies that accept digital assets yet, but that’s about to change next year as Paypal will allow its more than 300 million merchants around the world to accept the currency.

Digital currency still has challenges to solve when it comes to smaller transactions, like buying a coffee in a restaurant, but startups like Bitpay are finding ways to solve that through application.

How the blockchain is changing the art sector – an interview with 4ARTechnologies CEO

The art sector is not exactly known for its high level of digitization. The costs of middlemen, fraud and logistics processes are enormous and run into billions worldwide. The Swiss art start-up 4ARTechnologies wants to overcome these shortcomings with the help of Ethereum Code technology. In contrast to many other blockchain start-ups, 4ARTechnologies already has a lot to show and is valued at 500 million euros by the auditing company PwC. The CEO and founder of 4ARTechnologies, Niko Kipouros, told us in an interview how high the cost savings are through optimized blockchain processes for the art market and what one can think of tokenized art.

The interview was first published in the December issue of Kryptokompass .

Why is a company like 4ARTechnologies needed that wants to revolutionize the art sector with the help of blockchain technology?

Blockchain alone is not a solution for the art market. So far, no one has succeeded in finding a really standardized approach that can represent the art industry in its entirety in a practical manner. There have always been applications with a blockchain component. But we were the first to create this holistic approach that distinguishes 4ARTechnologies.

Part of this is securing information and documents on works of art using the blockchain, among other things. The fact that we made the step into the art market is mainly due to the fact that we can map all processes via mobile phones. This is the first time that a smartphone can be used to authenticate works of art. This is done via digital fingerprints of objects and material surfaces that we connect to various storage media.

The blockchain serves as a backup medium through which all digitally processed transactions are then hashed again on the blockchain. Thus, all information is unchangeable and valid, even in many years. That wasn’t possible before.

Your product is aimed at three groups: gallery owners, artists and insurance companies. What are the biggest pain points of the individual actors?

We address the entire art market. Our system starts with the artist. He can digitize his works and feed the data into the works catalog. The next stop is the gallery owner. This first change of ownership is extremely important in the art market. The next station is usually the collector. And he has a big problem today: the large amount of art forgeries. Experts assume that between 30 and 50 percent of all works on the market could not be real.

So collectors do not know exactly where the works of art come from and whether they are real. By transferring the digital protocols secured by the blockchain, collectors can provide evidence that their work is genuine.

On the other hand, transport also plays a major role. Around 20 million works are exchanged between the museums every year. We are talking about extremely high assets here. It is customary for the lender to bear the costs of transport. But this also includes a status report that is made manually. All of this could already be done digitally today, thereby saving enormous costs.

Can you give us more figures to give us a better idea of ​​the savings potential?

There is great potential for cost savings, especially with these status reports. We have over 250 million changes of ownership in the art market worldwide every year. A condition report is required for 20 percent of these plants and costs at least 150 euros.

It costs gallery owners between 6,000 and 15,000 euros per exhibition, of which there are hundreds every year. Here alone, the savings potential is enormous and can deliver a good 70 percent cost saving.

Bitcoin alcanza máximos por encima de $ 24k mientras LTC toca $ 120, BCH, BNT el 21 de diciembre

El rally de BTC gana fuerza a medida que Litecoin apunta a máximos de 2019. BCH ve un aumento de reembolso de Square y Bancor se basa en las ganancias de DeFi con la adición de Coinbase.

Bitcoin se recuperó por encima de los $ 20k como predije la semana pasada , y la moneda tocó un máximo de $ 24,300 el domingo.

El mercado de criptomonedas está ligeramente apagado el lunes, ya que los mercados reaccionan a otro ataque de pánico por coronavirus en Europa

Immediate Edge había estado subiendo la semana pasada a medida que el dólar estadounidense continuaba siendo golpeado por el tan esperado segundo paquete de estímulo para los Estados Unidos, que se espera que se apruebe más tarde hoy. El trato es por $ 900 mil millones y la población recibe cada uno un cheque de $ 600. El mercado ahora ha fijado un precio para ese acuerdo y el resurgimiento del pánico de virus hace que el dólar suba más de un 1%. Se dice que una nueva cepa de virus encontrada en el Reino Unido es más contagiosa y esto está haciendo que otros países prohíban viajar en vuelos hacia y desde el país, y Francia recorta el 20% de los suministros de alimentos al bloquear el transporte.

Otra ronda de caos en los mercados financieros podría ver el apoyo de Bitcoin, aunque la venta masiva de liquidez de marzo fue una advertencia

BTC se encogió de hombros ante algunas noticias negativas la semana pasada que vieron al regulador financiero FinCEN tratando de meter sus garras en el espacio de las criptomonedas. Una regla propuesta por el Departamento del Tesoro el viernes podría hacer que los titulares de monedas digitales de EE. UU. Tengan que cumplir con los requisitos de conocer a su cliente (KYC) para transferir sus tenencias de intercambios a billeteras personales. Brian Armstrong, director ejecutivo de Coinbase exchange, dijo que la compañía desafiaría las reglas, en un Tweet que fue compartido por el fundador de Litecoin, Charlie Lee.

El fuerte avance de Bitcoin en la última semana significa que la moneda buscará soporte en la cifra de $ 20k y los comerciantes deberían estar atentos a los mercados de valores. Estamos entrando en fin de año cuando las carteras se ajustan antes del nuevo año y los grandes inversores pueden querer obtener ganancias de las valiosas valoraciones del mercado si temen otra ronda de turbulencias por virus en 2021.

El mercado general de criptomonedas ahora es de $ 662 mil millones y BTC es responsable del 66% de esa cifra.

Il costruttore di motociclette Soriano Motori è partner di Coinbase

Il costruttore di motociclette Soriano Motori è partner di Coinbase per accettare i pagamenti dei cripto-pagamenti

  • L’azienda motociclistica italiana Soriano Motori ha annunciato il supporto per il pagamento criptato.
  • I clienti possono pagare con Bitcoin, Ether e Litecoin tra le altre „monete“.
  • Le moto Soriano costano attualmente circa 2 BTC.

Il Trust Project è un consorzio internazionale di organizzazioni giornalistiche che costruisce standard di trasparenza.

L’azienda motociclistica italiana Soriano Motori Bitcoin Profit accetterà i pagamenti criptati per le sue moto, diventando la prima azienda motociclistica a farlo.

Dai biglietti aerei alle offerte immobiliari, le crypto stanno diventando sempre più accettabili come mezzi di pagamento per le aziende che cercano di espandere i loro flussi di reddito.

Il produttore italiano di moto accetta le „monete“ Bitcoin e altre „monete“ crittografiche

Soriano ha annunciato l’accettazione delle monete criptate come mezzo di pagamento per le sue moto in un comunicato stampa del 14 dicembre. Secondo il comunicato stampa, i clienti possono utilizzare il Bitcoin (BTC) e le monete criptate come Ether (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) e Litecoin (LTC), tra le altre cose, in cambio delle proprie moto.

La mossa è il risultato di una partnership con il gigante della crittografia Coinbase. Il negozio eCommerce di Soriano si integrerà con la piattaforma statunitense. Tipicamente con il supporto per il pagamento criptato, i commercianti devono collaborare con i gateway criptocurrency-fiat che permetteranno la conversione tra valute virtuali e fiat.

I clienti che pagano con la crittografia pagheranno il valore delle biciclette al prezzo di mercato della loro valuta preferita al momento dell’acquisto. Secondo Soriano, dato l’attuale prezzo bitcoin, le offerte dell’azienda valgono poco più di 2 BTC (~$38.600).

Commentando la logica che sta alla base dell’adozione dei pagamenti criptati, l’azienda ha osservato:

„Tutti i nostri clienti potranno beneficiare dei grandi vantaggi offerti dalle valute crittografiche. Grazie alle valute digitali come la Bitcoin, possiamo effettuare transazioni internazionali senza commissioni o senza assistere alle fluttuazioni dei tassi di cambio, tra le altre cose“.

Soriano entra ora a far parte di una lega di marchi di lusso che salgono sul carro delle valute criptate. Aziende come Virgin Galactic e il gigante olandese del noleggio di yacht Boatsters Black permettono ai clienti di pagare con il bitcoin.

Oltre ai negozi di fascia alta, crypto sta vedendo una crescente penetrazione anche nel settore delle microtransazioni al dettaglio. In effetti, il 2021 promette di portare un’espansione ancora maggiore in questo senso. Il gigante statunitense dei pagamenti online PayPal supporta le valute criptate per gli acquisti online.

All’inizio di dicembre, il CEO di PayPal, Dan Schulman, ha osservato che il tempo per l’adozione dei pagamenti cripto tradizionali era vicino. Fattori come la pandemia del coronavirus e le politiche governative emergenti sembrano promuovere la transizione verso un’economia più senza contanti.

Steve Wozniak creates a blockchain company with his token, the WOZX

45 years after co-founding Apple with Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak launched Efforce (WOZX), a blockchain company that aims to reinvent energy efficiency. Efforce presents itself as an energy market allowing companies to undertake energy efficiency projects without barriers.

Strive, a future blockchain giant?

Famous Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is launching his 2nd company, Efforce , aimed at transforming and energizing the energy efficiency market. After forever changing the world of tech, Steve Wozniak is now taking on the energy industry, helped by blockchain .

Bitcoin Evolution promotes itself as a blockchain-based energy market that enables companies to take energy efficiency measures without barriers. The new company wants to be accessible to all – regardless of borders – so that any company and investor can „monetize the transferable energy savings“ .

As the press release points out , the financing of energy efficiency measures is proving to be particularly complex, both financially and in terms of regulations. This greatly limits the speed of growth of this market. To boost energy efficiency across the world, Efforce is accompanied by a blockchain- based platform and its own token, the WOZX .

“Endeavor was created to be the first decentralized platform that enables everyone to participate and financially benefit from global energy efficiency projects, and create meaningful environmental change,” said Steve Wozniak.

The exchanges between the parties will be fully managed by smart-contracts on Ethereum . In addition, the WOZX is an ERC-20 token which acts as a utility token for Efforce. The WOZX serves as a certificate for initiating energy saving projects and for cooperation between consumers and savers.

Contributors who wish to take part in energy saving projects on the platform may be required to lock in 1 WOZX for every 1 USDT of contribution . Such a mechanism would eventually make it possible to raise the demand rate, for example to be required to block 1 WOZX for every 10 USDT of contribution.

Holding WOZX tokens gives voting rights for the general governance of the project, in addition to offering interests to its holders.

A start with great fanfare for WOZX

Although the first Efforce concepts were launched in September 2017, its launch has just happened. Since December 3, the WOZX token has been listed on the HBTC platform , and its success is already remarkable.

With a listing price set at $ 0.10 on the platform, WOZX is trading at the time of writing these lines around $ 1.48. The launch seems particularly successful, especially since the volumes exceed 10 million dollars over the last 24 hours .

The token should also be listed on the South Korean platform Bithumb , before most likely making its entry on other platforms.

For the moment, it’s hard to know how far Efforce and its WOZX token will take us. However, with Steve Wozniak at the helm, this new project may become a staple in some time.

With the goal of democratizing the $ 250 billion market for energy efficiency projects, will Efforce succeed in repeating Apple’s feat of expanding access to personal computers?


  • Ethereum und der gesamte Kryptomarkt sind über Nacht in die Höhe geschnellt, was dazu führt, dass Bitcoin sich auf einen weiteren Test seiner Allzeithochs vorbereitet.
  • Dieser Schub nach oben hat es der ETH ermöglicht, in der Region unter 600 Dollar stark Fuß zu fassen.
  • Jegliche Ablehnung oder Abschwächung, die Bitcoin erlebt, könnte jedoch dazu führen, dass der Preis von Ethereum gleichzeitig fällt und erneut dieses begehrte Niveau verliert.
  • Daten über die Stimmung und die sozialen Aktivitäten rund um die ETH scheinen darauf hinzuweisen, dass die Krypto-Währung große Aufmerksamkeit erregt
  • Dies ist durch den kürzlichen Einsatz der Bakenkette der ETH 2.0 zustande gekommen, aber wird dieser Hype ausreichen, um den Aufwärtstrend anzukurbeln?

Ethereum hat die Kursentwicklung von BitQT in letzter Zeit sehr genau verfolgt, was bedeutet, dass es die Konsolidierung unter seinen kürzlich festgelegten Höchstständen von $620 fortsetzen könnte, bis BTC über seine Allzeithochs brechen kann.

Ein Ereignis der jüngsten Zeit, das sich als Katalysator für die ETH erweisen könnte, ist die Einführung von Ethereum 2.0. Dies hat zu einem großen Hype um die Blockkette geführt und könnte sich mittelfristig fortsetzen.

Eine Analysefirma erklärte kürzlich in einem Tweet, dass die Diskussionen über Ethereum seit Beginn der Lancierung sprunghaft angestiegen seien, was ein optimistisches Zeichen sein könnte.


Zum Zeitpunkt der Abfassung dieses Artikels handelt Ethereum knapp 3 % über seinem derzeitigen Preis von 613 $. Dies ist ein bemerkenswerter Anstieg gegenüber dem Stand von vor einer Woche, als der Preis unter 600 $ fiel und bis auf 490 $ kletterte.

Die Unterstützung bei diesen Tiefstständen war recht intensiv und trug dazu bei, seinen Abstieg zu verlangsamen. Er erreichte seinen Tiefststand etwa zur gleichen Zeit wie Bitcoin, das Tiefststände von 16.400 $ erreichte.


Ein Trend, der letztlich die Preisaktion von Ethereum unterstützen und zu einer parabolischen Rallye beitragen könnte, ist der zunehmende Hype um ETH 2.0.

Santiment – eine On-Chain-Analytikfirma – sprach kürzlich in einem Tweet darüber und bemerkte, dass die Diskussionen um die ETH in letzter Zeit stark zugenommen haben.

„Unsere Daten deuten darauf hin, dass Ethereum der Aktivposten ist, der den grössten Anstieg in der Diskussionsrate erlebt hat, als die ETH 2.0 Beacon-Kette live ging. Die Kaufdiskussionen haben ebenfalls stark zugenommen, da die BTC die Händler innerhalb dieser Spanne von $18,8k & 19,3k polarisiert hat.

Wenn sich dieser Hype in einer erhöhten Kauf- und Handelsaktivität niederschlägt, könnte dies die mittelfristigen Aussichten von Ethereum ernsthaft verbessern.

Statligt ägda Belarusbank lanserar kryptobörs bland sanktioner mot Lukashenko

Den största banken i Vitryssland, den statsägda Belarusbanken, har meddelat planer på att samlansera en „laglig“ kryptobörstjänst som gör det möjligt för kunder i både Vitryssland och angränsande Ryssland att köpa och sälja krypto „med Visa-betalkort“ vid den tiden när EU godkände nya sanktioner mot vitryska tjänstemän, inklusive den självutnämnda presidenten Alexander Lukashenko, som inte erkänns av västerländska länder och anklagas för valbedrägerier och förtryck.

De begränsande åtgärderna inkluderar reseförbud och frysningar av tillgångar.

Per Prime Press har banken samarbetat med ett kryptofirma som heter White Bird för det nya projektet och kommer att tillåta „medborgare i Vitryssland och Ryssland“ att byta krypto mot vitryska och ryska rubel, samt USD och euro.

Banken ägs 99,95% av regeringens statliga egendomskommitté och har varit partner i White Bird sedan 2018.

White Bird verkar från Hi-Tech Park, navet i Vitrysslands krypto- och blockchain-affärsverksamhet.

Och flytten följer tillkännagivandet från förra månaden från ett schweiziskt dotterbolag till den ryska statsägda banken Gazprombank, som hävdade att den skulle börja erbjuda kryptohandel och vårdtjänster till „ett begränsat antal utvalda kunder“ efter att ha fått myndighetsgodkännande.

Men när Moskva signalerade denna vecka att det kan vara redo att fängsla kryptoinnehavare som misslyckas med att deklarera sina inkomster till skattemannen, kommer vissa att fråga om både Kreml och den internationellt erkända Lukashenko-regeringen, som har slagit ned på regimen- kritiska protester fridfulla demonstranter sedan september i år, vill verkligen samla in pengar från krypto så fräckt som detta, särskilt när vissa röster i den ryska regeringen verkar så motsatta alla saker som är kryptoanslutna.

Dmitriy Zaikov, en Moskva-baserad kryptoinvesteringsrådgivare, berättade för Cryptonews.com,

”Regeringskassan flyter knappast över i Minsk eller Moskva – eller någon annanstans i världen – särskilt på grund av koronaviruspandemin. Med det sagt tror jag knappast att detta är en del av en samlad insats för att samla in pengar från krypto av någon regering. Om något är det mer som en testning av vattnet. Kanske vill de doppa en tå i, se vad som fungerar och vad som inte fungerar. ”

Samtidigt uppgav experter tidigare att även om Vitryssland skulle hitta ett sätt att komma runt sanktioner med hjälp av krypto, skulle detta vara lite mer än ett „plåster“, med ekonomin sugd in i lågkonjunktur på grund av de bredare konsekvenserna av ekonomiska sanktioner. Liknande kryptodrivna ansträngningar i Venezuela och Iran, sa experterna, hade till stor del misslyckats med att rädda dessa nationers ekonomier.

Zaikovs anmärkningar kommer hett i hälarna av kommentarer från en annan expert nära Rysslands kryptolagssamtal, som berättade för Cryptonews.com att det inte fanns „någon i statsduman“ som förstod kryptomarknaderna eller „hur man tjänar pengar på dem.“

Fall in sight for Bitcoin? Index of fear and greed reaches dangerous maximum

A reversal of the Bitcoin price may occur if this metric needs to reach the top, as in 2019.

Bitcoin (BTC) is almost guaranteed a price drop if a feeling metric is right about the state of the market.

On November 19, with the BTC/USD pair remaining at $17,500, the Crypto Fear & Greed Index reached 94, almost matching its historic high of 95 points at 100 on June 26, 2019.

4 reasons why Bitcoin’s high remains, despite correction

Index of fear and greed. Source: Cointelegraph Markets, Digital Assets Data
Greed‘ in 17 months maximum

Formed from estimates of investor sentiment, Crypto Fear & Greed Index offers a score of 100 to evaluate overbought or over-sold cryptomino markets. The closer the number is to 100, the greater the chance that the market will shrink.

Strongly linked to price action, the index has succeeded in calling the top prices with considerable accuracy since its inception in early 2018.

„Cryptomarket behavior is very emotional. People tend to get greedy when the market is growing, which results in FOMO (fear of losing),“ the developers explain on the metric’s official website.

„In addition, people often sell their coins in irrational reaction to seeing red numbers. With our Index of Fear and Greed, we try to save you from your own emotional overreactions. ”

At the end of June 2019, the index reached its highest level – 95 out of 100 – and at the time of publication on Thursday, the record was just one point above current readings.

Hold on: Bitcoin option data says $18,500 is not a local maximum

Historical Crypto Fear & Greed Index chart. Source: Alternative.me

Meanwhile, Cointelegraph Markets filbfilb analyst pointed out that the 2020 market structure is „very similar“ to 2019.

Note these two levels if Bitcoin’s price is corrected before $20,000.

Can stronger hands avoid diving?

As published by the Cointelegraph, a series of charts tracking Bitcoin market activity reached all-time highs this week, with its certainly more optimistic impact.

Analysts have stopped considering the current rush, given its „organic“ nature, in the words of statistician Willy Woo, compared to his record highs in 2017.

In principle, Woo and others argue, strong hands are buying the offer this year, while amateurs and speculators remain on the sidelines.

This outlook is confirmed by data showing a large number of currencies coming out of exchanges for cold and other long-term portfolios, as well as whale buying activity.