Brokerage house will give R$ 2.600 for whoever gets Bitcoin’s price right

Binance, the world’s largest cryptomaniac brokerage house, will give $500 to those who get the price of Bitcoin right on 1/1/2021 at 00:00. The amount converted into reais is R$ 2,597.03 at the current rate.

Who wants to try to win the jackpot just need to make a Crypto Legacy comment in the post that the company made on Facebook and add the comment in a form. That is, you don’t have to do anything else but just kick a number, even if it is „one“.

Kicks can also be made on Instagram or Twitter until 21:00 today (31). If you are good at kicking, leave your comment.

„What will be the price of #Bitcoin at 00:00 AM (UTC) on Jan 1? Give your shot for a chance to win $500 in #BTC. Form closes at 9 PM (UTC) 31/12“.

2020 was an extremely positive year for Bitcoin, the currency appreciated more than 290%, coming out of $7,000 at the beginning of the year and trading above $29,000 today.

Most participants are kicking a price above US$29,000, but there are also some very pessimistic kicks, even someone saying it will fall below US$10,000. Perhaps a troll?