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Bitcoin climbs above 41,000 U.S. dollars and hangs out Chinese group Tencent

Bitcoin continues to rise inexorably and is even outstripping the Chinese group Tencent.

On January 8, the US$41,000 mark was also cracked after an interim downturn was countered with renewed gains.

As the data from Cointelegraph Markets, Coin360 and TradingView show, Bitcoin had initially slipped back below 40,000 US dollars, after which the price was able to quickly climb back above the psychologically important hurdle.

Compared to the previous day, it went down by 9%, but this slide lasted only a few hours, because a short time later the market-leading cryptocurrency was able to climb back to its old new record high. Subsequently, the price even went up to a new record high of over 41,000 US dollars.

„Apparently, it currently only goes down briefly to shake off the weak investors,“ as the trader CryptoDog speculates on Twitter.

Bitcoin hangs Tencent and also Tesla for a short while

With today’s surge, Bitcoin has simultaneously surpassed the market capitalization of Chinese major Tencent, with the rise to $41,000 temporarily even trumping major carmaker Tesla.

As data from CoinMarketCap and Companies Market Cap shows, by yesterday, January 7, Bitcoin had already nearly broken into the top five largest publicly traded companies in the world.

By crossing the $40,000 mark, Bitcoin Machine market capitalization had climbed to a new record high of $745 billion. The subsequent retracement then temporarily dragged it down to US$737 billion before it started to rise again.

This allowed the market-leading cryptocurrency to briefly outperform the market cap, but the automaker’s stock in turn gained 7.3%. Tesla was thus able to bounce back to $773 billion, which was enough to outpace the cryptocurrency despite bitcoin’s upswing to $41,000.

Nevertheless, Bitcoin was able to clearly rise above the Chinese conglomerate Tencent, which now has to subordinate itself to the cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of 716 billion US dollars. Some time ago, the Chinese giant was even bigger than Tesla.

As Cointelegraph had reported, Tesla was the strongest financial product ever in 2020. Not only all other cryptocurrencies and stocks, but also Bitcoin managed to outperform the automaker’s security. Tencent stock, on the other hand, is making sluggish progress, which is emblematic of the stock market’s current gains compared to the crypto market.

„There are still companies worth more than #Bitcoin, crazy,“ as Tyler Winklevoss comments on this development with a twinkle in his eye.

Brokerage house will give R$ 2.600 for whoever gets Bitcoin’s price right

Binance, the world’s largest cryptomaniac brokerage house, will give $500 to those who get the price of Bitcoin right on 1/1/2021 at 00:00. The amount converted into reais is R$ 2,597.03 at the current rate.

Who wants to try to win the jackpot just need to make a Crypto Legacy comment in the post that the company made on Facebook and add the comment in a form. That is, you don’t have to do anything else but just kick a number, even if it is „one“.

Kicks can also be made on Instagram or Twitter until 21:00 today (31). If you are good at kicking, leave your comment.

„What will be the price of #Bitcoin at 00:00 AM (UTC) on Jan 1? Give your shot for a chance to win $500 in #BTC. Form closes at 9 PM (UTC) 31/12“.

2020 was an extremely positive year for Bitcoin, the currency appreciated more than 290%, coming out of $7,000 at the beginning of the year and trading above $29,000 today.

Most participants are kicking a price above US$29,000, but there are also some very pessimistic kicks, even someone saying it will fall below US$10,000. Perhaps a troll?

Luxury car dealership turns into bitcoin investor playground

Bitcoin appreciated by more than 300% in 2020, to trade above US$29,000.

A luxury car dealership in Las Vegas reported growth in sales with payment at Bitcoin. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Vegas Auto Gallery has become a playground for wealthy Bitcoin investors.

The dealership sells Ferraris, Lamborghines and other luxury cars of the Aston Martin and Bentleу brands. In recent days alone it has sold two sports Bitcoin News Trader review cars to customers who have paid over $6 million in Bitcoin.

The owner of the dealership revealed that sales with Bitcoin represent 3% to 5% of the company’s revenue.

Payment can be made through the platform BitPaу, which converts the digital currency into dollars at the time of payment. The platform receives a commission for the sales.

Despite constant criticism of Bitcoin as a form of payment, BitPaу serves hundreds of thousands of merchants around the world, offering bitcoin holders many ways to spend digital currency.

According to WSJ, the dealership takes no risk when accepting Bitcoin as payment. The dealership owner said he receives payment for the luxury cars within 24 hours after the customer sends the coins to BitPay.

„It is a very easy transaction,“ he said.

The buyer can also increase the transaction priority to be confirmed on the network as soon as possible, just set the fee, paying more or less according to the hurry.

Several market enthusiasts like to keep the currency waiting for more and more valuation, but who is spending the cryptomime can be easily understood as this year Bitcoin appreciated by more than 300% to trade above US$29,000.

People who bought the digital currency recently may not want to spend the asset, after all, why spend something that can potentially appreciate in the future?

Current buyers, therefore, are people who invested in Bitcoin longer ago and are now enjoying the profits.

Their logic is simple, „If I bought Bitcoin for $1,000 and today it’s $29,000, I can think of this as a nice way to diversify. The adoption of currency as a form of payment should also come from the people who own the cryptomime.

There aren’t many big companies that accept digital assets yet, but that’s about to change next year as Paypal will allow its more than 300 million merchants around the world to accept the currency.

Digital currency still has challenges to solve when it comes to smaller transactions, like buying a coffee in a restaurant, but startups like Bitpay are finding ways to solve that through application.